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Salvor – the new album by False Lights

We’ve been working on an album since late last year. The first parts of it were recorded in a log cabin in Lincolnshire on a writing trip that Sam and Jim took in December 2013, and gradually the others all added their instruments, bits were added and taken away, and the songs refined until we got to the finished article. It’s called Salvor, meaning “one who salvages from ships or their cargo”, which seemed a good way of describing the process.
Most of the songs are English and traditional, although not all. The Wife Of Usher’s Well is a Child Ballad, to which Sam added a tune from the shape note hymn ‘Loving Kindness’, while The Indian’s Petition comes from the 1866 hymnbook ‘The Christian Harmony’. The Banks Of Newfoundland is found in the bible of the second folk revival – Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs, and Polly On The Shore from Sussex source singer Pop Maynard. Other songs come from Ewan Maccoll, Dock Boggs, an Alfred Lord Tennyson poem, and the north-west fiddle player Sam McGrady.
It will be coming out on Feb 2nd 2015, but you can pre-order the different formats below and get them a few months early.
Thanks for supporting us, and we hope you enjoy the record.
Sam, Jim, Sam, Nick, Tom and Jon
False Lights

Pre-order the album
Option 1: Digital download of the full album in any format (from mp3 up to better-than-CD-quality audiophile formats), delivered straight to your inbox the moment it’s ready.



Option 2 : CD album in gatefold wallet, plus download delivered straight to your inbox the moment it’s ready.
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Option 3 : CD album in gatefold wallet with bonus “Live At Folk East” digital mini-album, plus download delivered straight to your inbox the moment it’s ready.
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Were you hoping for vinyl? Email us and we’ll work out if its viable…


Download codes will be sent out on December the 1st 2014, with the CDs following by December the 15th. The album goes on general release on Feb 2nd 2015.




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